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bagjack GOLF™ is a lifestyle golf brand started under the supervision of bagjack™, which has long produced high-quality bags that reign supreme in the functional product industry.

Highly fashionable and perfect for urban wear, the superior functional beauty elevates your golf style to a more sophisticated level


"Meister" is a nationally certified handicraftsman with extensive knowledge and practical skills that have taken root in Germany.

Handmade and produced in Berlin, Germany, as well as in Japan and China, using carefully selected fabric and components from all over the world. It is simple yet exudes an overwhelming presence.


The bag brand was founded in 1997 in Berlin. The founder and designer, Peter Brunsberg, started making all handmade bags after having established the first messenger service in Europe. The company has earned a reputation for its unique quick-release system and human engineering design.

In recent years, the scope of activities has expanded beyond messenger bags to include the development of equipment for German special forces, the development of bags and small items for film companies, production of bags handed to representatives of various countries at EU government conferences at the request of the German government, production of bags for multiple well-known brands, and providing props for science fiction movies. This brand now operates in a wide range of activities, not limited to just being a bag brand.