Lace Sleeves A -LINE Dress -Navy


To make the most comfortable shoes in the world
The thoughts of craftsmen who have made shoes for over 50 years are essential
Assembling shoes requires craftsmanship created from many years of experience.
We assemble with careful work that can only make about 20 feet a day.
The thickness and growth of the leather vary depending on the part even in one leather, and in mechanical work like a flow work, the resulting thing is born.
In Krun's workshop, a skilled craftsman is a subtle feeling based on his experience, such as the feel of leather and the feeling of pulling one point at a time.
There is an image that craftsmen are hitting with a tonkachi, but I really like making things because there are many hard work such as pulling, tapping, and shaving, and my hands and fingers get dirty.
If you don't continue, you can't make good shoes unless you are a person who can face your work straight.