Not just for the golf scene. Simple is the best course tote bag.


bagjack GOLF has many type of bags that are useful not only for the golf scene, but also for general everyday use. Among them, the simplest and most useful for both on and off the golf course is the Course Tote Bag. In the golf scene, it is also known as a cart bag or round bag.

As the name clarify, it is designed to be the perfect size for a round on the course, but what you can actually put in it are golf-specific accessories such as golf balls, tees, green forks, gloves, markers, and distance meters, as well as a cell phone, sunglasses, beverages, snacks (sweets, bananas,,etc.) a hand towel, and cigarettes or Iqos if you are a smoker.

In addition, a cooling spray or ice pack in the summer, a body warmer or a water bottle with a warm drink in the winter, and so on.

So far, you can see that this course tote bag is the perfect companion for a fun and comfortable round of golf lol.

Now, we are sure that bagjack fans are also interested in the quality of the product. This bag is handmade in Japan, but all the materials used are the same as those used for Berlin bagjack. So it is perfectly compatible with Berlin bagjack products! In detail, the body is made of highly water-resistant German-made Cordura 560dtex, the webbing tape is made of Italian nylon tape, and German-made FIDLOCK®︎ magnets are used.

Another great feature is the small zippered pocket on the A side and the braid system on the B side, which can be customized and expanded with optional accessories. Furthermore, it can be used as a shoulder bag by attaching the optional Shoulder Strap w/Pad (BGA-A96) to the 40mm wide tapes on both sides.

The specs and features may be a bit excessive, but that's what makes bagjack GOLF so appealing!

We recommend using the BJG Grooming Kit-M (BGA-A81) together when you want to compactly organize the stuffs of your bag.

The size fits perfectly in this cart bag as a bag-in-bag.

Let's have some fun bagjack GOLF style with your ideas!



 BJG Grooming Kit-M/BLACKXOLIVE/BGA-A81 (¥28000)

Ball Pouch W/Logo TEES/BLACK/BGA-A93 (¥ 13,000)


Showder Strap W/Pad/Black/BGA-A96 (¥ 9,000)