Super stretch, heat-storing pullover Ultra-thin, lightweight material weighing only 60 g/㎡.


'I want a top that is warm in winter, doesn't require layers of outerwear and is easy to swing.'

This was the request of one of our customers.

While searching for a fabric to develop such a product, we came across an ultra-thin, ultra-lightweight stretch taffeta called ULTIMENBRANE®️, which weighs only 60g/m2. Originally developed for the outer layer of down jackets, it is windproof, water repellent, and dense enough that it does not require a down pack. In addition, as much polyurethane as possible is covered with nylon yarns to create a two-way stretchy fabric with a very strong kickback. The olive color, a color we are particularly fond of, is also exquisite and we are convinced that it will match our bags and accessories products made with NATO Olive nylon tape.


Recently, many synthetic fiber padded tops can be seen in the market, but not so many stretchy tops with such high elasticity can be found. In order to bring out the best of this taffeta material, we have used a super high-functional padding with heat-generating, heat-storing, antibacterial, and deodorant functions.


The design details are simple, with only zippered handwarmer pockets on the front and ventilation holes on both sides. The emphasis is on lightweight and soft comfort, resulting in a product that is easy to match with any style for any length of time.

This lightweight top is perfect for layering under a Gore-Tex outer layer for everyday use, or for driving a car or bicycle with its comfortable stretch. Its heat-retaining and heat-storing performance is so powerful that it can make you feel rather hot in heated places. The fact that it can be washed by hand is also a high point.

The lineup also includes a navy color for the first time since the collaboration with HYPEGOLF.

The ribbed design prevents wind from entering through the sleeve cuffs and prevents the cuffs from becoming loose when swinging, and can be worn like a sweatshirt.


This pullover is perfect for the cold winter season and will keep you warm in body and soul. Wear your bagjack GOLF, and we'll give you a new experience!

Stretch Insulation Course P/O/OLIVE/BGW-O01 (¥ 39,000)