Showder Keycatcher W/Cobbra/BJGM23SZ019

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Adjustable shoulder key catcher using AustrialPin® Cobra Buckle. Using a 25mm nylon tape, it is easy to hang it on the shoulders and neck, locks it to the classic, or attaches your favorite pouch to the tip carabiner. The key to the carabiner and the convenient specification that allows the pouch to be separated immediately by removing the cobra buckle.


・ Berlin bag Jack ™ handmade


・ Austrian aluminum ® Aluminum buckle closure


・ With ITW Grim Lock D ring


Part number BJGM23SZ019


Color 01/Black 36/Olive


Material NYLON TAPE 25mm


AustrialPin COBRA® Aluminum Buckle


Country of origin MADE IN GERMANY


Dimensions (HXWXD) Max. Length: 80cm