Anti Theft Strap-A W/ITW CARABINER/BJGM23SZ039

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Place it close and store safely. Elegant and convenient straps are joined to avoid losing important things. Originally, the design of the pistol run yard called Gunryshe. A strap code worn by a police officer who carries the pistol at all times, which attaches the tip to the pistol to prevent dropping, theft, and loss. ITW Nexus TAC Link CARABINER version is attached to a belt or belt loop up to 40mm worn, and wears your favorite accessories and wallets on the black O ring at the tip limited to Bagjack Golf. It is an accessory that can be placed in. The cord part is an elastic elastic material, so it is usually compact, but can be extended as needed. In particular, the compatibility with Bagjack Golf's Wallet series is outstanding.


・ Berlin bag Jack ™ handmade


・ ITW Nexus TAC Link Carabiner specification


・ Nylon elastic strap code


Part number BJGM23SZ039


Color 01/Black


Material NYLON WebBing Tape


AustrialPin COBRA® Aluminum Buckle


Country of origin MADE IN GERMANY


Dimensions (hxwxd) length: 530-980 mm