Showder Strap 25mm W/Pad/BJGM23SZ020

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Bagjack Golf A shoulder strap with shoulder pads that can be attached to the bag. It is a full -fledged strap with a shoulder pad that uses a unique strap length adjustment system called a quick release and reduces the burden on the shoulders. The tip to attach to the bag is specified with a Velcro on the tip of the hook. If the destination is harnessed, use Velcro, and in the case of d -can, you can remove the velcro parts and use the hook, which can be used. VAGJACK GOLF woven names are attached to Velcro parts with D -ring. It can be used for Course Tote Bag, DAYPACK, etc. of Bagjack Golf. * The separately sold shoulder strap of 25mm width tape is an accessory limited to Bagjack Golf.


・ Berlin bag Jack ™ handmade


・ Nylon Webbing Tape & Quick Release Function


・ With shoulder pad


Part number BJGM23SZ020


Color 01/Black 36/Olive


Material NYLON TAPE 25mm


AustrialPin COBRA® Aluminum Buckle


Country of origin MADE IN GERMANY


Dimensions (hxwxd) length: 122.5-152cm