Only bagjack Golf makes them!? Molle cap made of the same material as the golf bag

We thought, "Wouldn't it be fun to have a golf cap made of the same material as the bag?"

The story behind the birth of this cap began with this idea (laughs).


The Cordura used in bagjack is 560dtex German-made Cordura nylon. Even the same black color is different from the pitch-black Cordura often seen on the streets, with a unique and elegant shade that looks a bit like charcoal black.


While daring to use common Cordura nylon material, bagjack is committed to "functional manufacturing" that accentuates the brand's identity.

A common scene in golf is the removal of a magnetic ball marker clipped to the brim of a cap to mark the position of the ball on the green. Wouldn't it be smart and cool to incorporate this function into the cap itself? And if it could be used by both right- and left-handed golfers, and if it could be removed when not in use....

And so the fantasies (ideas) continue (laughs).


Therefore, the same material as the bag is used, with nylon tape placed in the front as braid tape, and a braid strap with a magnet on it that can be moved freely to the left and right. A metal ball marker with a magnet can be attached to it, so that it can be used regardless of the dominant hand.


Furthermore, the strap at the back can be easily removed with a magnet, and a nifty detail is that it can be easily hung from a bag handle or caddy bag. If you have an ERECTA or other steel clothing rack at home, you can also attach the magnets to the bar for storage.




When you get a unique product that you have never seen before, it will enrich your lifestyle a little more with surprise and excitement.

With bagjack GOLF products that are not only cool, but also easy to use, durable, and highly functional, you're sure to have a new golf experience!