For @ 1. Use of personal information
Our shop will be used for the following purposes personal information.
① your name for billing of shipping and price of the commodity to the customer, address, using the contact information such as a telephone number.
In addition, you may want to use the payment information of the credit card number had you specified in relation to the claims of the price.
② In order to confirm or contact such as content and delivery method of your order, your name, address, contact information, such as e-mail address, of the items in your order the type and quantity, information such as the amount billed make use of.
③ requests from our customers, in order to make the answer to your query, and then use your name, address, contact information, such as e-mail address.

2. Management of Personal Information
Our shop is to manage personal information in the following system.
① the use of personal information is limited only to employees as needed for business, make the rules for such storage and management of such media that contain personal information, and take preventive measures for the protection of personal information.
② about personal information that is stored in the system, only the staff as needed for business is to prepare the account and password so that you can use, and enforce access rights management.
It should be noted, account and password leaks, and strictly managed so that there is no loss.
③ the assumption that does not cause trouble in service, after a certain period of time has elapsed from the time of receipt of personal information, personal information will be deleted at any time.

3. For the disclosure of personal information
① our shop, unless your consent, does not disclose personal information to third parties.
However, if the following cases are not as long as that.

If there is a request from public institutions such as the courts and the police on the basis of the laws and regulations
If there are special provisions in laws and regulations
There is a risk that harm the life, body and property of customers and third parties, if you can not get the consent of the person
From action contrary to the laws and our Terms of Use and notes, our rights, it is necessary to protect or defend the property or service, if you can not get the consent of the person
② If there is a disclosure request personal information from customers, will disclose only if it is confirmed to be a person.

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