Small but overwhelming presence Hunter pouch clad in COBRA®️ buckle

Today we would like to introduce you to the coolest and super convenient pouch representing the bagjack brand's <Modular Extension Concept>.

Available as an extension of your bag or as a stand-alone bag, this honor student can be used in a variety of situations.

Daily necessities such as camera, battery pack, cables, etc., can always be kept on hand outside of your bag or belt.

And most noteworthy of all, he is a handsome man himself! The first thing that catches the eye is the cobra buckle on the front. It is an aluminum alloy buckle made by <AustriAlpin>, which is used by the parachute troops of the Austrian army and for rock climbing. This buckle is the safest, most elaborate, and strongest load-bearing buckle in the world, and has been used on countless military equipment, withstanding a load of approximately 1 ton. It is also known as a quick-release buckle because it can be quickly attached and detached with a single touch, making it easy to open and close. The "click" sound and feel when closing the buckle is sure to be addictive (laugh).

You can use this pouch with such a great buckle in the GOLF scene! It can hold tees, balls, a laser rangefinder and even snacks. (By the way, my friend uses it as an IQOS case.) Imagine playing golf with all the accessories you need in this pouch. Isn't it exciting?

The body material is either the standard German Cordura or High Glossy, which has the strongest level of water resistance and tear resistance. Will the cobra buckle be a chic black or a polished silver to stand out? Or choose an olive tape color scheme? You'll have a hard time choosing which one to go with! Since it is handmade in Berlin, you can be sure of the high degree of perfection and the beauty of the sewing.

Furthermore, the bottom corners are reinforced with nylon tape, even though it is such a small pouch. The other parts used are perfect, such as D-rings made by ITW Nexus, a well-known military supply parts manufacturer, and parts made by Italy's DUE Emme!


Huh? Is it too good to use only in the golf scene? Of course it is. It has a MOLLE/PALS compatible velcro strap on the back so you can attach it to the braid tape on your bag or slip it through your waist belt. In addition, the bagjack GOLF limited edition D-ring on the top can be used as a neck pouch via a carabiner, or a slotted loop can be used to attach it to the same 25mm wide belt, daypack, or other webbing, depending on the customer's idea of how to use it. If you have found a way to use it like this, please let us know with a photo.


How shall I use it? Because this is a product that captures the imagination from the moment you hold it in your hand, we recommend that you buy it in different colors. Just as you coordinate your clothes and shoes according to the day, why not change your pouch according to your style and the bag you carry? We will continue to change materials, arrange cobra buckle colors and tape colors, and introduce various possibilities. If you have any requests, you can always contact us at


Let's have some fun bagjack GOLF style with your ideas!

HNTR Pouch w/Cobra/BLK x SLV/BGA-A91(¥22,000)


HNTR Pouch w/Cobra/OLV x BLK/BGA-A91(¥22,000)


HNTR Pouch w/Cobra/Hi-Grossy/BGA-A91(¥22,000)