Duo set also equipped with COBRA®️ buckle ersonal effects bag by Berlin bagjack

“Personal Effects” means personal effects, personal belongings and possessions.

The personal effects bag was originally a military item used from the 1960s to the 1990s as a “drawstring bag for wounded U.S. Army soldiers” personal effects. It has a large label on which you can write your name and the unit to which you belong.

In addition to the above, it was also used as a relic bag for soldiers who died in battle, and because of its convenient size, many soldiers used it to carry daily necessities and personal belongings.

Based on the drawstring used by these soldiers, here is bagjack GOLF's original design for carrying the minimum amount of personal belongings in the golf scene and for daily use. Based on the well-known Cordura nylon, we have set the length of the paracord to allow it to be worn over the shoulder or used like a shoulder bag. The exterior has a mini pocket with a cobra buckle and a braid system on the B-side for attaching accessories (sold separately). In addition, two drawstring pouches, one large and one small, can be docked with carabiners for use as a duo set, and the smaller drawstring pouch is made of Limonta nylon, a unique specification that is full of elements.

Both men and women can carry the bare essentials in these bags, and they are also perfectly compatible and integrated with their existing bagjack products.

Recently, we have seen many people using various personal effects bags on the streets, but this rugged, yet very cool and cute look is truly a special gem.


Let's take a look at the parts used. The first thing that catches the eye is the cobra buckle mounted on the front. This is an aluminum alloy buckle made by <AustriAlpin>, which is used by the parachute troops of the Austrian army and for rock climbing. The world's safest, most elaborate, and strongest load-bearing buckle has been used on countless military items and can withstand a load of approximately 1 ton. It is also known as a quick-release buckle because it can be quickly attached and detached with a single touch, making it easy to open and close. The "click" sound and feel when closing the buckle is sure to be addictive.

Next is a powerful cord stopper made by the Italian company DUE EMME, commonly known as "Batman". This unique design, seen from above, is reminiscent of the Batman, and is also known as bagjack's NXL Rucksuck.

And as mentioned above, the body material of the small size is high-density nylon made by Limonta of Italy. It is a strong material with a lustrous color, beautiful luster, and smooth texture.

You can also attach a hi-glossy ball pouch or tee pouch to the braid system on the B side to create your own personal effects bag that no one else will have. This is a customization in the realm of the perverted.

The inside of the bag is also equipped with a divider. For golfers, the large size can hold a rangefinder, drinks, and snacks. Of course, a banana will fit in there too (lol). For everyday use, you can put your wallet, smartphone, lipstick, handkerchief, and other personal items. In the small size, we recommend balls, tees, markers, etc. for the golf scene, and house keys and Air pods for everyday use.

Of course, they are handmade in Berlin. Needless to say, the high degree of perfection and the beauty of the stitching go without saying. A personal effects bag made of a different material will be available in the future, but it will not be a duo version, so if you want to enjoy the combination of L+S size, we recommend you to get it now while supplies last.

Let's have some fun bagjack GOLF style with your ideas!

* Photo is for reference only.