Delivery schedule change News

Always bagjack GOLF™ We received your use of the WEB STORE, Thank you very much. 
This time, we will change the shipping schedule as follows.

The delay of delivery due to the influence of the new corona virus  
The "Emergency Declaration" issued by the influence and government dated April 7, 2020 of the new coronavirus, it delays the delivery place. 
In the case of overseas shipment, after shipment, also arrived at the arrival country, in the arrival country circumstances, it may be rejected.
In addition, there are variations in the number of days until the arrival compared to the normal state.
 Departure from Japan, more than two to three weeks, from there, is the process-consuming schedule around 1-2 weeks until delivery to the customer in the arrival country.

For delivery during the Golden Week period
Though very selfish, For orders of up to May 3 (Sunday) to May 6 (Wednesday), so we have to stop the shipment, you will about the delivery schedule +7 business days.
Sorry the inconvenience to customers, but the more kindly for your understanding, thank you.